• Carbery 1000 Oil Tank

    Product Code: 001-A

    The Carbery 1000 Oil Tank is ideal for storing oil, kerosene or diesel at ground level for domestic oil heating system use.

    Manufactured from strong, durable, UV stablisied medium density polyethylene, this fuel oil tank will never rust or require painting.

    The oil storage tanks should be completely supported under its entire width and length.  A concrete base or concrete lintel system is ideal and should protrude at least 2 inches past the tank on all sides, as per the instructions moulded on each tank. 

    By interconnecting storage tanks one can create a bank of oil storage tanks to fulfill your requirements.

    A wide range of complimentary products are available.

    Our oil tanks are suitable for agricultural, commercial, domestic, industrial and institutional premises.

    The Carbery 1000 Oil Tank is available in green as standard. Other colours are available on request.

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    Carbery 1000 Oil Tank
    Carbery 1000 Oil Tank