• Rainwater Harvesting Tank

    Product Code: 418-A

    The Rainwater Harvesting Tank harvests the natural resource of rainwater thus reducing your mains water costs while promoting an eco-friendly solution.

    The water collection tanks low profile design along with the integrated columns gives it excellent load bearing strength, which has been tested up to sustain 4 tonnes when empty.  Its low profile means that shallow hand dug excavations are suitable.  It can also pass through doorways or side passage ways.  When situated in ones garden lawns can be replaced on top of the tank.

    The Hydro-Store Harvesting System is ideal for domestic and commercial use where space is at a premium.   It is suitable for all applications other than drinking water, such as toilet flushing, dishwashing and washing machines.  It can also be used outside for garden watering and car washing.

    The Hydro-Store System comes with all the necessary fittings so installation is made easy for your plumbing contractor.  Once the system is in place you can start harvesting rain water straight away.

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