The Returnplast division of Sturdy products Ltd., which is a fully licensed reprocessing facility for specialist hard plastic, offers a disposal, regrind and refurbishment service.

Two grades of plastic can be recycled. They are high density polyethylene and medium density polyethylene. High density polyethylene is used in the manufacture of wheelie bins and some rotationally moulded plastic products. Medium density polyethylene is used in the manufacture of large plastic products such as oil tanks, road barriers, large toys, bottle banks.

Plastic products are reprocessed and recycled in accordance to the Waste Management Act 1996. A certificate of conformance can be issued upon request.


  • Step 1

Old, damaged and used plastic products are collected and brought to our recycling factory.


  • Step 2

These products are cut into pieces small enough to run through our machines.


  • Step 3

The pieces are passed through a granulator from which a plastic chip is produced.


  • Step 4

The chip can be used in this state, for example on our Composters, or it can be ground down into a finer powder known as ‘jazz’ for use in certain products.


NOTE: Returnplast is not covered by Sturdy Products certification to the EN ISO 9001 Standard.

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