Custom Moulding

With over 38 years experience in the Rotational Moulding Industry, Sturdy Products Ltd. can provide your business with a complete plastic moulding solution. We have the capability to take your design idea from initial inception through to the final product launch all under one roof. Whether it’s a new product, a re-development of an old product or if you are switching from metal to plastic, we can offer you our custom moulding service.

What Does Rotational Moulding Offer?

  • Design flexibility as a wide variety of intricate shapes can be easily manufactured. The process produces goods that are relatively stress free.
  • Economical tooling costs.
  • A variety of colours and finishes are available.
  • It is inexpensive for short production runs, prototype research and low volume production.
  • Double wall mouldings can be produced if required.
  • Its gives a one piece, seamless moulding.
  • Metal inserts can be included as integral parts.
  • It has excellent load bearing properties.
  • The material can be corrosion resistant.

Our Services

We have a dynamic and dedicated in-house deign team who will work closely with you to achieve the product you require. We have a fully equipped mould fabrication workshop and state of the art rotational moulding machines which allow for a reasonable idea/product turnaround. This also enables us to have full control over the quality of the product you receive.

With the aid of high quality 3D renderings we can provide you with initial concepts as to how your product may look once finished. We can also further develop these ideas should this be required and these can be presented to you in a variety of formats. Our design team can also provide you with a full set of CAD product drawings once the final design has been completed.

Our skilled team of mould fabricators have the capability of producing a mould within in relatively short period of time. This allows us to quickly produce the initial prototype for testing.

The Process

  • Design consultation
  • Product development and design
  • 3D Modelling
  • CAD drawing
  • Mould fabrication
  • Prototype and testing
  • Modification (If required)
  • Pre-production planning
  • Full production
  • Product delivery service
  • Product presentation and brochures

If you have an idea worth pursuing why not contact us for a free consultation and quotation?

Contact our Design Team directly – designeng1@sturdyproducts.com

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