Frequently asked Questions

Environmental and Waste Management

How are the Street Bins secured to the ground?
The Street Bins can be bolted to the ground with a fixing plate or supplied with concrete balast.

Road Furniture

Are our Road Guard Barriers water or sand filled?
The Road Guard Barriers can accommodate both water and sand. Water filled is the best solution in most situations as it makes it easier to empty and move. Our unique design allows a small amount of water to give good stability. Fixing clamps can also be provided which eliminated the need for balast.

Is there a bung for drainage on our Road Guard Barrier?
Yes, it is located towards the base of the unit.

What models of jeep do our Jeep Inserts fit?
There are many varying models constantly changing from each vehicle manufacturer. Please contact our Customer Support Team to see if we can provide an insert for your particular model.

Please click here for our contact details.

Home and Garden

Are our Coal Bunkers lockable?
Yes, facilities are provided to lock all bunkers. Please see the product page to determine if a lock is provided with that particular product.

Oil Storage Tanks and Bunds

Are Drain Bungs supplied?
No, as standard our Storage Tanks come with a 1″ BSP outlet connection. Our Bunds come with a Drainage Bung to release any moisture accumulated between the inner and outer skins.

Are our Storage Tanks lockable?
Yes, our Storage Tanks are lockable. The design allows for this. Our tanks are not provided with a lock but locks can be purchased.

Please see our Tank Accessories section.

Can our Storage Tanks and Bunds be buried underground?
Our Storage Tanks and Bunds are not designed for underground use. If buried, they would need to be encased in concrete and have a retaining wall built.

Can our Storage Tanks be linked for larger capacity?
Yes, all our tanks can be connected to provide a tank “battery” system.

Do we install our Storage Tanks?
No, we do not install our Storage Tanks. However we can provide a recommended installer in most area.

Please click here to see our recommended installers list.

Is a Scully Gauge suitable for a Bunded Tank?
No, it is not. However we can supply a remote reading electronic tank contents gauge.

What is the guarantee for our Storage Tanks?
Different products we manufacture and stock carry different terms of guarantee. Please see details of guarantee attached to each product page.

What is the safe distance from a Storage Tank to a building?
Local Building Regulations dictate the safe locating distance from buildings and boundaries. We provide details on a sticker on our StorageTanks giving current distances for the Republic of Ireland.

What is the wall thickness of the Storage Tanks?
European Standards dictate the minimum wall thickness for each size and design of tank. Our tanks fully comply. Please see Standards attached to each product page.

Will the colour of the plastic fade?
Our tanks will not fade as they are manufactured using ultra violet light stabiliser pigment. They are opaque enough to prevent light sensitivity to the oil content.

Water Storage Tanks

Can you drink from our Water Storage Tanks?
These are Potable Water Storage Tank. All stored water should be boiled before drinking.

Do our Water Storage Tanks come with a tap?
Taps are not supplied as standard but can be purchased on request. Additional outlet connections can also be supplied.

What is the difference between an Oil Storage Tank and a Potable Water Storage Tank?
Potable Water Tanks are manufactured from a Water Research Council approved compounded food grade material. They are available in 2 colours.


Can goods be returned?
Yes, there is a 15% restocking charge for standard items. This is also subject to inspection. An extra transport cost may apply.

What are the payment options for non account holders?
Cash, Credit Card or Cheque with banking card.

What is the standard delivery time?
Generally we offer 3-5 working days delivery on stock items. Delivery is 5-7 days on most manufactured items. Contact our sales office for large or non stock colours and products.

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