• Sturdy Road Safety Pole

    Product Code: 236-A

    The Sturdy Road Safety Pole is designed as a marker pole which can be used to segregate roadways or indicate certain areas within a complex.  The bollard can be left free standing or fixed in place using anchor bolts. Each bollard is fitted with two strips of Class 1 Reflective Material as standard.  The bollard is manufactured from medium density polyethylene UV stabilised giving a product that will result in minimum amount of damage to any vehicle, should an accident occur. 

    A variety of materials can be used giving a rigid high density finish or a more flexible rubberised type material.

    The Road Safety Bollard is ideal for use in car parks, shopping centres, drive thrus, airports and security areas.

    The Pole is available in green or blue as standard. Other colours are available upon request.

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    Sturdy Road Safety Pole
    Sturdy Road Safety Pole