• Sturdy Traffic Delineator Pole

    Product Code: 324-A

    The Sturdy Traffic Delineator Pole is designed to alert motorists about upcoming intersecting roads as per EU National Road Network requirements.

    It is available in a standard colour of green but other colours are available on request.  Each Traffic Delineator Pole is fitted with a Class 1 Reflective Material as standard.  This is made up of two green stripes either side of one white stripe.  The pole can be fixed by setting it in concrete or by inserting it into the unique Sturdy Steel Receptacle Base. If the Receptacle Base is used it allows for the replacement of damaged delineator poles without the need to excavate or replace concrete. 

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    Sturdy Traffic Delineator Pole
    Sturdy Traffic Delineator PoleSturdy Traffic Delineator PoleSturdy Traffic Delineator Pole