Out of Gauge Cargo Trays From Sturdy Products: The Benefits and Features Explained

15th Nov 2023
Out of Gauge Cargo Trays From Sturdy Products: The Benefits and Features Explained

Sturdy Products, a leading manufacturer of transport trays, has launched a new range of Out of Gauge Cargo Trays for border security, airport baggage handling, and cargo handling systems. The new range is designed to handle oversized or irregularly shaped baggage, such as musical instruments or equipment, that cannot fit into standard conveyor belts or scanners.

The Out of Gauge Cargo Trays are made from high-quality Medium Density Polyethylene, which is UV stabilised and resistant to impact and wear. The trays are rotationally moulded in one piece, with no sharp corners and a smooth interior surface, making them easy to use and clean. The trays also feature antijamming stacking lugs, which allow for efficient storage and retrieval.

The Out of Gauge Cargo Trays come in five different sizes, ranging from 0.5m x 0.5m to 2m x 1m, to suit various baggage types and handling systems. The trays can also be customised with different colours and logos, upon request from the customer.

Sturdy Products’ Cargo Trays are the perfect solution for transporting and securing oversized or irregularly shaped baggage in any cargo handling environment. They offer a number of benefits, including:

– Improving the safety and security of baggage and personnel
– Reducing the risk of damage or loss of baggage or cargo
– Increasing the efficiency and speed of baggage handling and cargo processing within your facility
– Providing a secure link in the cargo handling chain to help ensure customer experience and satisfaction
– Promoting the brand identity and image of your company

For more information about Sturdy Products’ Out of Gauge Cargo Trays range, click here to view our brochure or contact our sales team at sales@sturdyproducts.com.