Sturdy Products Ltd: Prepare Your Lawn for the Winter Months with Four Handy Lawncare Tips

21th Oct 2022
Sturdy Products Ltd: Prepare Your Lawn for the Winter Months with Four Handy Lawncare Tips


As the Winter draws in it’s time to consider your final lawn mowing of the season and how best to ensure the health of your lawns through the cold months ahead. Here are some handy lawncare tips from the keen green thumbs here at Sturdy Products Ltd to help keep your lawn healthy and looking its best!

1. Give your lawn it’s final mowing sooner rather than later

As temperatures drop across the country you’ll find that the grass growth in your lawn has started to slow. Once the ground begins to freeze over regularly however it will take much longer for grass to recover from damage caused by the lawnmower blade and you run the risk of inflicting permanent damage. With Met Eireann recording the first frost of the Winter in September, the sooner you get your lawn mowed the less risk you have of permanent grass damage. Mowing your lawn now will keep it looking neat and tidy through to the Spring. If you’re blessed with hardy grass and find your lawn getting untidy over the winter months, make sure you pick a mild, dry day to do any maintenance mowing.

2. Remove weeds, dead grass, leaves and moss

With growth slowing in colder weather now is a great time to remove any weeds and moss from your lawn as well as dead grass and leaves. Keeping your lawn clear will help keep your grass healthy and allow water to drain more efficiently. A good garden hoe and rake are key here! For stubborn moss growth, consider applying an environmentally friendly moss remover to your lawn and following up with a scarifier rake.

3. Aerate your lawn

During the Autumn and Winter months we can expect an abundance of wet weather, and a very real risk of waterlogged lawns. Grass roots need oxygen for healthy growth and having submerged or compacted soil for extended periods can be very damaging for your lawn. Consider aerating your lawn to encourage ventilation and efficient drainage. This can be done very simply with a garden fork; insert the fork into the soil to the full length of the tines, move around slightly and remove. Repeat this at regular intervals every few inches to a foot across your lawn to ensure adequate ventilation.

4. Kick-start a home compost pile with your lawn cuttings

Instead of disposing of your grass cuttings, consider putting them to better use in a home compost pile. Grass cuttings are a great base upon which to start composting, or can be a handy boost to an existing compost pile. You can then keep adding your leftover food scraps, turn the pile regularly and in time you will have a steady supply of rich, sweet-smelling compost! Home composting is environmentally friendly, keeps more of your household waste out of the landfill and helps reduce your refuse costs.

A series of images demonstrating the simple set up procedure for a Sturdy Recycone Composter
The Sturdy Recycone Composter is easy to set up and can be ready for use in just 4 easy steps

Here at Sturdy Products Ltd we manufacture a range of composters ideal for use in home composting. With large lids for ease of filling and a wide open base to facilitate quick drying of composting material, our Recycone range of composters will help ensure that when Spring arrives you will have rich nutritious compost for your lawn and flower beds.

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