Recommendation for maintaining hygiene in a laundry By Sturdy Products

21th Sep 2021
 Recommendation for maintaining hygiene in a laundry By Sturdy Products

In a laundry operation, it is critical to keep the dirt and clean linen areas separated as much as possible. As a general rule, garments should spend as little time in the laundry as possible, and only the bare minimum of touch with each item should be maintained. Trolleys should be used in every department of the laundry and separate color-coded for dirty and clean linen. It is also important to ensure dirty linen is not kept out of sight for long.

Some of the points to be kept in mind while handling clean linen are:

1. Clean laundry must be handled in such a way that contamination is avoided including during transport and storage.
2. Clean linen should always be stored in a clean, dry, designated area, preferably in purpose-built storage units.
3. Clean laundry should be stored above floor level and kept tidy to prevent contamination with dust and/or aerosols.
4. The linen trolley used for the storage of linen should be enclosed. Linen and/or the linen trolley must not be stored in bathrooms, sluices, laundry rooms, or staff changing rooms. Ideally, linen should not be decanted onto different trolleys or stored in corridors when delivered, as this may result in contamination.
5. Clean linen must be monitored to ensure it is in a good state of repair, as tearing or roughness can damage the skin. Staff with exposed skin lesions should ensure they are covered when handling clean laundry.

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