Smart Street

04th Oct 2021
Smart Street

Cleaning the streets improves the appearance of the area this will attracts more tourists, but it is also an important element of controlling pollution. It keeps undesirable items out of drains, where they would pollute our bays and cause backups and flooding.

On large industrial campus or Universities they are a valuable asset in maintain high standards and appearances. Essential in all Shopping centres and Sports stadium’s for after event clean up.
The Sturdy Street Smart can assist in preventing rubbish and pollution from entering the ocean and other bodies of water by eliminating trash, bulky goods, and dangerous materials from roadways. We can give pedestrians and drivers a safer and healthier environment by keeping rubbish, trash, and dangerous items such as glass and metal cans, etc. off the ground.

The Sturdy Street Smart will increase mobility and storage capacity while improving street cleaning efficiency. This street cleaning cart’s all-encompassing beautiful design has proven to be a hit with local governments and industrial building owners.


It is perfect for cleaning in communities, towns, cities, shopping centres, sports venues as well as event sites.


Two 90Ltr bins, a brush and shovel, plus two small storage containers for the employee’s belongings make up this street cleaning cart. For ease of movement, they are placed in a galvanised frame with wheels.

This product’s structure is built to endure the rigors of everyday use. With heavy-duty wheels, it is able to remain steady and mobile. By utilizing the body panels as brush and shovel carriers, our street cleaning equipment has a beautiful look that combines great design with sound functionality. This eliminates the need for broken or bent hooks to be replaced.

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