Sturdy Beverage Recycling Container

Product Code: 448-A


The Sturdy Beverage Recycling Container is designed to aid the recycling of used beverage containers such as plastic pint containers. The system allows all liquids and containers to be collected separately which helps with segregation at source.

The complete recycling container system consists of a 240Ltr Wheeled Container, a Liquid Collection Tanks, a Container Collection Insert and a Funnel.

Using our recycling containers is easy, simply pour any remaining liquid into the funnel and then dispose of the cup or container in the collection insert. The liquid flows directly into the collection tank where it is stored until emptying is required.

The Liquid Collection Tank is located at the bottom of the Wheeled Container and can be emptied through a draining point on the back of the container. The tank can also be easily removed to facilitate cleaning or replacement.

The funnel is covered by a stainless steel mesh to prevent any unwanted items such as cigarettes, chewing gum from passing into the liquid tank.

Should any liquid find its way into the Container Collection Insert, a drainage system has been designed to ensure that this liquid flow directly into the collection tank.

  • Overall Length: 725mm
  • Overall Width: 580mm
  • Overall Height: 1,075mm
  • The Container Collection Insert allows for the collection of up to 800 beverage cups (10 stacks of approximately 100)
  • The Liquid Collection Tank stores up to 30Lts.
  • The Wheeled Container is manufactured from Injection Moulded UV Stabilised High Density Polyethylene.
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  • The Dispensing Hose and Nozzle Kit is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 Certified production unit.