Sturdy Jumbo XL (JXL) Water Tank

Product Code: 069-W


The Sturdy Jumbo XL (JXL) Water Tank is manufactured from WRC approved material and is suitable for the storage of potable water. This water tank is ideal for the collection of rainwater from gutters or buildings and is stored at ground level.

This water storage tank is manufactured from strong, durable, compounded UV stablisied medium density polyethylene. It will never rust or require painting.

The Sturdy Jumbo XL (JXL) Water Tank should be completely supported under its entire length and width. A concrete base or concrete lintel is ideal and should protrude at least 2 inches past the tank on all sides, as per the instructions moulded on each tank.

Optional drainage bung, taps and float valves can be fitted upon request.

By interconnecting storage tanks one can create a bank of water storage tanks to fulfill your requirements.

This water storage tank is suitable for agricultural, commercial, domestic, industrial and institutional premises.

TheSturdy Jumbo XL (JXL) Water Tank is available in blue or black as standard.

Our water tanks are available in Ireland and the UK.

  • Length: 2,100mm (83″)
  • Width: 1,350mm (53″)
  • Height: 1,330mm (52″)
  • Nominal Capacity: 2,500Ltr (550gal) +/- 10%
  • The lid opening on this tank is approximately 8 inches (200mm)
  • This water tank comes with a standard 1 inch BSP connection.
  • The tank is manufactured from UV Stabilised Medium Density Polyethylene which has been approved by the Water Research Council (WRC).
  • The U.V. Stabiliser has a rating of 8 (i.e. UV Stabilised, Good Colour Retention, and Long Life Expectancy).
  • The colour is compounded into the material.
  • The weight of this product is approximately 110kg when empty (including fittings).
  • The recommended supporting base for this product is 2800mm (71″) X 2520mm (99″).
  • Further details to follow
  • Please click here to see the current warranty for this product.
  • The Sturdy Jumbo XL (JXL) Water Tank is manufactured in an ISO 9001 Certified production unit.
  • The Sturdy Jumbo XL (JXL) Water Tanks are manufactured with WRAS approved material.
  • The Sturdy Jumbo XL (JXL) Water Tank is  manufactured to standard EN 13341